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Cue La Musique Feature Article ‘Songlines: Ryan Whitewolf And Kuya Howler’

I was recently featured in an Atlanta-based American music publication called Cue La Musique. The article is called ‘Songlines’ and it traces the footsteps of Ryan Whitewolf and I’s journey down the East Coast of Australia on The Guardians tour. I was very humbled by Ryan’s generosity to include me on this spiritually and musically enriching experience. Thank you to Steven Saphore for writing such an accurate and imaginative article.

Adrift in time where even the most rudimentary mobile phones come equipped with a personal GPS and street-level navigation, musicians Ryan Whitewolf and Kuya Howler have unwittingly chosen to follow in the footsteps of their dreamtime ancestors.

With no maps to show them the path, the aboriginal ancestors of Australia would navigate vast stretches of the land by singing songs. Landmarks such as rivers and rock formations would form the basis of lyrical content, while ascending or descending melodies revealed altitude and inclinations of the land. The songs themselves, when sung in the correct order/cycles, contain detailed geographical information about the ‘songlines’ they tread. A traveller with a perceptive musical vocabulary (and deep lungs) could undoubtedly voyage across the country with ease. Instead of maps, the ancient aboriginals used music as a tool to travel.

With no money, reliable form of transportation or even secured accommodation, I am following Ryan Whitewolf and Kuya Howler on their tour down the famous 2000km highway along the East Coast of Australia.   Relying on the social gathering qualities of music, they will busk for fuel, perform for a bed and sing for a plate of food.  With nothing but music as a tool to guide them along an invisible pathway, they are carving their own songlines in the modern context.

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